And one, and two, and threeâ ?? ¦ and ten zeros! Rain of goals this Friday for the French women’s football team. Les Bleues did not miss their entry into the qualifications for the 2023 World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand. On the lawn of the Pampeloponnisiako Stadio in Patras, the Habs humiliated Greece 10-0.

A hat-trick from Marie-Antoinette Katoto (18th, 25th, 53rd), a double from Grace Geyoro (15th, 40th) and goals from Amel Majri (14th), Kadidiatou Diani (38th), Viviane Asseyi ( 65th), a goal against his camp of Palama (30th) and finally a penalty from Wendie Renard (92nd) who recovered the captain’s armband allowed the Bleues to sign one of the biggest victories of its history (the record is 14-0). Corinne Diarce’s players led 7-0 at the break. They shot 24 times on goal and scored 13 of their shots. The poor Greek players, they did not manage to find the frame on the only two attempts. With this flamboyant success against a low-level team, the France team made an ideal start before defying Slovenia on Tuesday evening.