The clash between Neymar’s Brazil and Lionel Messi’s Argentina was interrupted on Sunday evening due to violations of anticovid protocols.

It becomes more and more funky at 1 hour from ð ???? §ð ???? · -ð ???? ¦ð ???? · Summary ð ?????? The Agency of Sanitary Vigilence ð ???? §ð ???? · requests the expulsion of Lo Celso, BuendÃa, Romero and Dibu MartÃnez (for false declarations) ð ?????? The police have landed in the players’ hotel, pressure from CONMEBOL to leave them alone

According to the Daily Mail, the Brazilian authorities have opened an investigation against Giovani Lo Celso, Emiliano Buendia, Emiliano Martinez and Cristian Romero, who are suspected of having violated the quarantine rules.

ð ?????? #Eliminatorias ð ?????? ¡Once inicial confirmado! â ?? ½Asà formará @Argentina ð ???? ¦ð ???? para el encuentro ante #Brasil ð ???? §ð ????

Se liga na escalaçà £ o do Brasil para enfrentar a Argentina daqui a pouco! ð ???? §ð ???? · x ð ???? ¦ð ???? · – 4 p.m. | #BRAxARG #eliminatorias

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