The Tokyo Paralympic Games open its doors and the French wheelchair rugby team opens the ball with host country Japan (at 1 p.m.). As a reminder, it is a discipline that is played on a basketball court, with a volleyball, four against four. The clock is paused when there is a stoppage of play. Like rugby, the objective is to pass the goal line, located at each end, in possession of the ball. The match is divided into four quarters of eight minutes of effective playing time. In the event of a tie, three-minute overtime is played until a team scores. Contact between armchairs being authorized, we sometimes see very virulent contacts.

After a first participation in London in 2012 which ended with a last place in the standings and then a seventh place in Rio in 2016, France is this time aiming for the Olympic medal “The players have joined the project, rejoices the coach trciolore. They are all amateurs. Many work side by side. They manage to train every day, like a top-level athlete. They have to reconcile work, family life and the demands of top-level sport “. Sixth nation in the world, the French wheelchair rugby team has done a superb preparation. Olivier Cusin’s men created a surprise against Great Britain since it had not happened for ten years. In the pool, France will therefore find Japan, the reigning world champion, but also Australia, double Paralympic champion and the vice-champions of Europe, namely Denmark. It will not be an easy task but the objective is above all to have fun and to do better than the previous editions. “Aiming higher is an objective. We are here for that” once again affirmed Olivier Cusin, determined.

Dribbles, back passes (as well as forward), acceleration, shocks, wheelchair rugby offers entertainment at all levels. Rugbyrama and Midi Olympique wish the France group good luck for the competition!

The composition of the French team:

Adrien Chalmin (35, Clermont, 3rd participation in the Games)

Christophe Salegui (35 years old, Bordeaux, 2nd)

Jonathan Hivernat (30 years old, Toulouse, 2nd)

Cédric Nankin (37 years old, Paris, 2nd)

Matthieu Thiriet (32 years old, Toulouse, 1st)

Brice Maurel (33 years old, Montpellier, 1st)

Rodolphe Jarlan (32 years old, Toulouse, 2nd)

Christophe Corompt (38 years old, Bourgoin-Jallieu, 3rd)

Corentin Le Guen (27 years old, Nuits-Saint-Georges, 1st)

Sébastien Verdin (30 years old, Nuits-Saint-Georges, 1st)

Nicolas Valentim (27 years old, Clermont, 1st)

Jordan Ducret (25 years old, Carquefou, 1st)

The staff:

Olivier Cusin (coach and manager), Bob Vanacker (assistant coach), Cédric Dubord (manager), Adrien Corompt (mechanic), Pasquale Gallo (physiotherapist), Moustafa Raji, Bruno Poncelet (nurses)

The program :

France-Japan, Wednesday 25 August (1 p.m.)

France-Australia, Thursday 26 August 10:30 a.m.)

France-Denmark, Friday August 27 (4:45 a.m.).

Possible semi-final and final on August 28 and 29.

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