Despite his performance, Internet users have found fault with his haircut. Archer An San, is the first South Korean athlete to win three gold medals for her country at the Olympic Games. In Tokyo, she won gold in the individual, team and mixed events. However, she is more talked about on social networks for her haircut than her successes.

South Korean netizens deemed the 20-year-old athlete’s cut too short, reports The New York Times. Some have even gone so far as to characterize the archer’s hair style as “feminist”. As the American newspaper reminds us, feminism is interpreted as hatred of men in South Korea.

A wave of support in An San has nonetheless emerged to support the young Olympic champion. South Korean President Moon Jae-in even made a point of giving his support publicly. “Behind an individual’s great performance is relentless training and deep loneliness. Sometimes they have to deal with excessive expectations as well as discrimination. We often focus on the end results, but there is no such thing. has no easy moment in the course. His pride is ours “, defended the Head of State.

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