Organizers still firmly believe that the Olympics can be held safely, even if the coronavirus is not under control at the time the flame was lit on July 23.

Naomi Osaka will represent Japan at the Tokyo Olympics if they continue. AP

Melbourne: Japanese sensation Naomi Osaka, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal said on Sunday they were still interested in attending the late Tokyo Olympics and would be guided by what health experts said.

The organizers are still firmly convinced that the Olympic Games can be held safely even if the coronavirus is not under control at the time the flame was lit on July 23rd.

The three-time Grand Slam champion Osaka admitted being concerned about a recent poll that found 80 percent of the Japanese public were in attendance over the pandemic against Tokyo, which hosted the event this year.

Large parts of Japan are currently in a state of emergency to combat a surge in coronavirus cases. The borders are closed to almost all foreigners.

“My concern would be the general security of everyone else because you are opening up the country,” said Osaka. “Everyone flies in from different places. I just want the public to feel safe.”

The 23-year-old was the figurehead of the 2020 Olympics and still hopes to represent Japan at their home games.

“I’ll be staying in my room for two weeks to attend the Olympics,” said Osaka, who lives in Florida.

“I missed the last one. Playing in Tokyo would be very special for me. “

World number two Rafael Nadal agreed with Osaka’s views and hoped to play but said health professionals should have the final say.

” We just have to follow the directions given to us Give people who really have the right knowledge about all of these things, “he told reporters on Sunday.

The Spaniard said the mandatory quarantine before the Olympics was difficult to integrate into the overloaded tour schedule.

“Combine our tour with another 1 5 days quarantine to attend Olympics, “he said. “It looks difficult to fix the problem on our calendar.”

World number 1 Djokovic has played in three Olympic Games and won bronze at the 2008 Beijing Games. It is “the greatest honor” to represent Serbia at the “oldest and most traditional event in the history of sport”.

“Personally, I plan the Olympics. I really hope the Olympics will take place,” he said .

“It will obviously be a lot of people. Much more than a tennis tournament. Obviously, it’s not up to me to talk about organization or what can be done, what should be done, what is being done.”

World number nine, Petra Kvitova, who won bronze in the women’s singles in Rio, described the Olympic Games as the “fifth Grand Slam”.

“I hope that the Olympic Games will really take place,” said you. “The Olympics are very important to me.”

Runner-up Simona Halep, who competed in the 2012 London Games but skipped Rio in 2016 because of Zika virus concerns, said it was her top priority this year was to fight for her first Olympic medal.

“The main goal is to get a medal in the Olympics to get there and compete at the highest level,” she told the WTA website.

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