The 30/10/2021
at 11:59 p.m.

This Saturday, October 30, the show the 20 years of Star Academy returned to the former couple formed by Jenifer and Jean-Pascal. A sequence that made people react.

The Star Academy has given birth to artists, but also little adventure love affairs. It is October 20, 2001 when the first academicians discovered the famous castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. Far from spending a restful stay, everyone had to cut themselves off from the world to follow an intensive artistic training lasting several weeks. Quickly, the first bonds of friendship are built, but also the first loves. Jenifer and Jean-Pascal, two emblematic candidates of the first edition, then begin to get closer. The viewers thus see the birth of a little love affair in front of their eyes.

A sweet memory on which the 20 years of Star Academy, broadcast on TF1, wished to return this Saturday, October 30. How? ‘Or’ What ? By broadcasting the images of the first kisses and hugs between Jenifer and Jean-Pascal. But their romance did not last, much to the dismay of their fans at the time. “I don’t have the feelings he has for me,” Jenifer said at the time of the breakup. A sequence that visibly embarrassed those interested, present on the set.

“It’s so cute,” replied Jenifer. “That’s what we said to each other, it was true. I was in love with Jen. It was a love affair we both had, it was awesome. We were cute as everything ( …) Huh Jen, it was nice? These are good memories, “said Jean-Pascal. A speech that seems to have left Jenifer dubious. “I only keep the good memories,” she confessed. Enough to make Internet users react. “Jenifer in real life she didn’t give a damn about Jean Pascal”, “Jenifer and Jean Pascal their story was so cute…”, “I will not be against a new love story between Jenifer and Jean-Pascal haha” , “The little” love affair “between Jenifer and Jean Pascal was a little embarrassing”, we can read on Twitter.

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