For passionate coffee drinkers, it is a bit tricky to look at the menu and order the coffee they want. There are a variety of coffee drinks around the world.

Sometimes a coffee lover may stand in line and not know what to order. You may find it difficult to tell the difference between coffee and espresso or latte and cappuccino.

There are different coffee drinks to choose from depending on your preference. Every coffee is made up of different types of coffee beans, caffeine content, coffee strength and other additional things like water or milk that make it unique.

To avoid the dilemma of what to order the next time you visit a coffee shop, we have a list of popular ones Compiled coffee drinks available all over the world.

If you visit any of these countries, be sure to give it a try as these are the best coffee drinks that you can also find in ethnic restaurants or Starbucks outlets .

If you are unsure which coffee drink to order or what variations are available in the drink, check out our article below which has a brief description of these coffee drinks to help you tell the difference between the most popular types of coffee from coffee-producing countries.

In our article we will first start with the most popular n beverages that are readily available in most coffee shops around the world and easy to find. This will help you be ready to order when it is your turn. There’s always the option to make one at home with an espresso machine.

Espresso, also known as Double Espresso, is the most popular drink on the market and it’s easy to make compared to other varieties. The coffee grounds are packed tightly into the filter and to make a very strong dark coffee, hot water is forcefully forced into the filter, which is typically served in 1-2 ounce servings.

You may have heard people say one order double espresso, which is only twice the strength of the coffee found in a normal espresso. So if you need a shot of caffeine, you should definitely opt for a double espresso. Italians sometimes drink espresso after lunch or dinner.

Cappuccino is undoubtedly the most popular coffee in the world, resembling a flat white. It is the improved version of espresso that is mixed with a little more milk before the milk froth is put on. In short, it consists of equal parts espresso, milk and milk foam. Cappuccino was traditionally a taste that is mainly consumed in Europe, Australia, South America and some parts of North America.

Cappuccino originated in Italy in the 1930s and is still one of the most popular coffee drinks in Italy to this day. However, in Italy and throughout continental Europe, people prefer a cappuccino only after breakfast, sometimes accompanied by some type of pastry, but never after lunch or dinner. The name cappuccino is derived from the Capuchin Brothers, who refer to the color of the drink when small amounts of milk are added to dark, brewed coffee.

A latte is also the most popular and popular coffee drink around the world. Latte is more or less the same as a cappuccino, but with extra milk and a little thin layer of foam on top. If you don’t like strong coffee, you’re sure to enjoy a latte.

Most coffee shops have many flavored syrups available that can be paired with a latte to add a little flavor. In the United States of America, Vanilla Lattes and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are very popular versions of lattes that are consumed by coffee lovers. In case you make one at home, be sure to try Creme Brulee Latte as well.

Caffe Mocha is basically a chocolate version of a café latte. Mocha is a mixture of coffee and milk drink with the addition of chocolate, which can be in the form of either cocoa or chocolate syrup. Alternatively, you can call it the adult version of chocolate milk.

Make 1 dash of espresso, add 1 cup of milk of your choice, then add 3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup with whipped cream. Your mocha is now ready. You can also add chocolate toppings for more flavor.

An americano coffee is extra water added to the espresso. Most Americans prefer a larger cup of low strength coffee, while Europeans prefer high strength coffee, such as small-cup espresso.

If you are in Europe, you can opt for an Americano, which is the coffee is similar to what you drink at home. Actually, it comes pretty close to a typical filter coffee.

The translation of Cafe au Lait turns out to be coffee with milk. Cafe au lait is a strong filtered or brewed coffee, as opposed to an espresso, which is added with warm milk. This drink is very popular in France and most of northern Europe.

People are often mistaken for Cafe Latte, which uses espresso instead of brewed coffee. It is also known as Café con Leche in Spain and as milk coffee in Germany, but the taste is retained, although the name is spelled differently. In Switzerland you can find a popular variant, the so-called “Café Renversé”, i.e. the reverse type of coffee preparation (coffee is added to the milk as a base).

There is a kind of debate about the origins of Flat White, whether there is is now Australia or New Zealand. Regardless of where it comes from, coffee lovers are just glad that someone had the vision to create such a beautiful drink. It wasn’t available all over the world until Starbucks started serving it.

There’s a little difference between a latte and a flat white. Both drinks are more or less similar, a combination of frothed milk and espresso. The flat white is actually a stronger version of the latte. You can have a flat white that is also available in smaller portions.

The roots of the Cortado drink can be traced in Spain. This drink resembles a flat white, albeit with a small difference. Cortado is pure espresso mixed with frothed milk that is neither textured nor frothed in any way. It consists of equal proportions, i.e. 1: 1 half espresso and half milk. The Spaniards prefer to drink a little coffee, which is also available in coffee shops all over the world.

If you want to prepare a cortado, you need an espresso machine with a milk steamer. All you have to do is brew the coffee first, then heat the milk and slowly pour it over the coffee. That’s it!

The Caffé Macchiato is another coffee drink that has its origins in Italy. It’s actually an afternoon espresso drink for Italians. It is neither a full-bodied espresso nor a milky cappuccino, but an espresso with a hint of milk. The milk actually softens the acidity and strength of the espresso to a small extent.

Macchiato differs from the Cortado in that it is just a splash of milk, which, in contrast to 1: 1, is in the form of a foamed top.

Cafe Crema was a popular drink in southern Switzerland and northern Italy in the 1980s. It is similar to an espresso drink, but the coffee used is more coarsely ground compared to the standard espresso.

Caffe Crema also differs in size from an espresso, where it is served in a larger format, usually around 6 oz amounts to. It is not diluted like an Americano, but is a long-brewed espresso with different strengths. Although the drink is called crema, it does not contain milk or cream.

Cafe Cubano has its origins in Cuba. It’s like an espresso drink covered with a thick layer of sweet “cream”. The cream is made by mixing the coffee with sugar until it forms a foam. As soon as the foam has formed, espresso is poured over it, which floats upwards and resembles a cap on the coffee.

If you like sweet coffee, you will definitely appreciate a Cafe Cubano drink. When visiting Cuba this is a must as this drink is part of Cuban culture.

Dalgona coffee, which originated in South Korea, is just an instant coffee that looks mesmerizing when the creamy whipped to it Topping is added with the help of water and sugar. It tastes good when you pour it over a glass of ice milk.

Irish coffee is likely to be on the Irish bar menu instead of the regular coffee shop menu. Irish coffee is a type of mocktail made from hot coffee, Irish whiskey and Demerara sugar mixed with thick cream. You will find this drink sweet, rich and warming at the same time.

The preparation of Turkish coffee is a little different from most other coffees. It is made by boiling water with fine, medium-roasted coffee grounds in a round-bottom copper jug ​​without a filter.

The thick foam that forms is then transferred to the cup and sugar is added as needed before serving. It is common in Turkey to add a lot of sugar. So make sure you are less sweet if you don’t like sweet anymore.

Greek coffee is related to Turkish coffee except that the coffee grounds used in making it are not fully roasted. This makes the color of the coffee lighter and has less of a roasted taste. Greek coffee is made in a tall, narrow jug, locally called a briki. Greek coffee, like Turkish coffee, is served very sweet.

Frappé coffee is found in Greece and nearby countries like Cyprus, which is a great drink in the summer season. It is one of the most popular cold coffee drinks in these countries and is preferably consumed in the afternoon.

It is an iced coffee drink covered with foam, made from instant coffee, water, sugar and served in a tall glass over ice.

As the name suggests, Vietnamese coffee originated in Vietnam and you are sure to fall in love with this drink if you try it in Vietnam. It is made from very fine coffee powder using a filter that sits over your cup and brews slowly.

There is a layer of condensed milk at the bottom of the thick glass and you can see water slowly dripping into the cup . The entire process takes around 4-5 minutes, so never order this if you’re in a hurry to leave.

Café de Olla is a traditional Mexican drink made in a clay pot with ground coffee, cinnamon, and piloncillo .

Cafe de Olla is high in sugar with a delicious cinnamon flavor. Cafe de Olla is never served with milk. It is especially preferred in regions with cold climates.

Affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert that is usually served in a glass. A scoop of vanilla ice cream is topped with a hot or cold espresso, which can be either a single or a double espresso. You may prefer to have whipped cream and streusel or chocolate sauce on top to make this a perfect afternoon snack.

The Einspänner coffee comes from Austria and is very similar to the other coffees mentioned above. It is made with a strong espresso based on sugar.

It is then topped with a heavy whipped cream made from vanilla and sugar, which is the perfect dessert in the glass.

What type of coffee drink from our list is yours Favourite? Let us know in our comments!

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