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The death toll from coronavirus disease (COVID- 19) at the Philippine National Police (PNP) rose to 84 on Saturday, July 31, after it was confirmed that two more police officers have died of health complications from a viral infection.

According to the PNP Health Service, the 83rd person who died on July 29 was a 42-year-old police sergeant assigned to Camp Crame. He was hospitalized on July 6th for kidney dysfunction and received a negative result on admission.

On July 13th, he repeated the swab test, which gave a positive result. He was then transferred to the hospital’s COVID ward.

On July 29, he had difficulty breathing and was intubated, but later succumbed.

The 84th fatality, however, was a 51-year-old police lieutenant who was stationed in the city of Tuguegarao.

On July 23, he went to the clinic for a consultation with a fever, malaise, and sore throat. On the same day, he underwent laboratory and smear tests. On July 25, the result of his swab test was positive and he was advised to go to their quarantine facility.

On July 27th, he had difficulty breathing and was addicted to inhalation of oxygen. On July 30th, his condition worsened, and at around 4:00 am, the attending doctor pronounced him dead.

As of July 31, the PNP Health Service had 106 new cases for a total of 30,434 cases.

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