A dramatic road accident claimed the life of a young 16-year-old driver this Sunday in Orchies, a few kilometers from the Belgian border.

Reported stolen to the police in the early afternoon, the offending vehicle, launched at high speed on the highway from the Lille region, was occupied by three young people who knew, it seems, spotted by the police, when they reached the A 23, in the direction of Valenciennes.

According to reports from the Voice of the North, the driver chose to exit up to Orchies in an attempt to escape the police, who he believed were on his heels. He then lost control of his car and missed the first turn of the motorway exit ramp which was opening in front of him.

It all happened very quickly. The car made a “straight ahead” and climbed an imposing embankment, pulling everything in its path. She finished her race a few seconds later by hitting a tree head-on. Under the violence of the shock, the passenger compartment set ablaze.

The driver, a 16-year-old teenager, has died. His two female passengers, adults, were seriously injured. They were rushed to the Lille hospital center. For long minutes, the vehicles of the fire brigade, of the SMUR of Lille and Valenciennes, of the police and gendarmerie, were stationed on the bridge which spans the A 23, near the Slosse marble factory, to organize the rescue. Motorists were barred from traffic during the intervention, which ended at around 7 p.m.

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Ref: https://www.sudinfo.be