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City Councilor Joel Garganera, Head of the Emergency Call Center (EOC) here , said 212 people were arrested while Oplan: Bulabog was running from Saturday to Sunday. The simultaneous operations were performed from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m.

Employees of the Mabolo police station and employees of the prevention, restoration, order, beautification and improvement team (PROBE) spoke to 122 people in the Verified Lounge, which is located on the roof terrace of the Avenir building Archbishop Ave.

While the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is already allowed in the city, PROBE boss Raquel Arce said those caught in the bar have been fined for breaking 11pm . Curfew.

The arrested people were taken to the PROBE detention center. Each violator was fined P500, while those unable to pay were asked to do community service.

Garganera announced that authorities were monitoring the bar, but because of theirs It took some time at the site to identify the violation.

“We monitored them, but it was difficult to catch them because they were on the rooftop terrace. While the police were on their way upstairs, customers will be scurrying and hiding in emergency exits. For some time now they have been able to evade our enforcers, there is always a time for everything and it is time for them to face the consequences of their actions, ”said Garganera.

After the show cause order was issued The bar will suspend liquor approval pending investigation, said Garganera.

“Given the seriousness of their blatant violations of our existing executive regulations, we could advocate revoking their liquor permits. This will be a lesson to everyone who disregards our safety in this pandemic, “said Garganera.

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