To discover this November 27 in “1:15 pm, Saturday” on France 2, the document “Pyrenees: when the bear attacks” signed Yvan Martinet, Patrice Brugère, David Geoffrion and Oktay Sengul

“1:15 pm, Saturday” offers a review of a hunting accident that occurred in Ariège on November 20, 2021, during a wild boar hunt near the small village of Seix, in the Couserans massif.

A hunter in his seventies is posted for observation when he sees two cubs. A moment later, their mother pounces on him, grabs him by the leg, and drags him several yards. He shoots and kills the animal. The Foix public prosecutor’s office announced, Friday, November 26, the opening of a judicial investigation against X for “destruction of a protected species”.

And here is the renewed controversy: can man and bear coexist? Should the endangered species be reintroduced? Of the 64 bears identified in 2020 in the Pyrenees, a good number are concentrated in the Couserans, where the accident took place …

The bear’s body was recovered by helicopter, at an altitude of over 1,200 meters, then transported by the gendarmes for an autopsy. She leaves behind two little ones. How are they going to survive without their mother, in the forest and in the mountains, as winter begins to set in?

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