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These checks create queues of more than 10 kilometers on the motorway between Belgium and France.

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The mayor of the border town of Hensies, Eric Thiébaut, regrets, on Saturday, the checks carried out by the French police “without any consultation with the Belgian authorities”.

These controls create queues of more than 10 kilometers on the motorway between Belgium and France at the Hensies border post, forcing a large number of motorists to take a relief route which necessarily passes through the locality.

“On this weekend off, the inhabitants of small roads in the village of Hensies saw a permanent procession of vehicles parading at full speed in their neighborhood. However, these municipal roads are not adapted to accommodate such a carriage which clearly endangers the residents concerned, ”emphasizes the mayor.

Faced with this situation, the latter closed, “until further notice”, the exit of the Hensies border post on its way to France.

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